Friday, July 23, 2010

the pic

What up bitches

Fuckin drinkin.....fuckin paintin...made a nice new brush outta TRASH! Believe it, for sure. So I got the idea to try to "craft my world" by drinkin too much and listening to goddamn Reincarnation by mitsuda on loop, the 'essence' of my story. So basically if you think that song sucks then you will think my game/story sucks cause thats what its all about to me. So i have been drinkin yet somehow i started paintin. Used a pic of Adriana for referene cause my soggy ass cant do it outta memory like i used ta, ouuta practice, so i took an image on one monitor and used it for lighting and anatomy and general starting point. But im paintin fresh,.....with my trash brush and Bons standard brush and heres what is got, peeeeeaceeeeeeeeee fuckers!