Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2nd night

Still gotta figure out how im gonna do the roots and vines coming together and building him but whatever, hopefully that and some blood'll make it seem less gay

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Since I'm trying to loosen up I figured that I might as well try to break out of my comfort subjects and try to bring out my inner demon. Considering that I don't think horror movies are scary for shit I think its about time that I explore dark things that could scare others. Demons, spirits, evil itself. If I dig deep enough into this subject I feel that eventually I'll be able to create a villain someday that actually has a dark presence. Villains are always seem to be 'bad guys', one who is doing something against what our hero is after and along the way shows his lack of emotion through 'evil deeds'. For my story, I want the villain to be sick, almost scary. I want him to push boundaries of morality to the point that it makes the audience uncomfortable. This I feel will push the need to stop a said villain to new heights. He's not just burning your hometown anymore, he's pushing mortality to its breaking point.